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In Today’s Life, Internet is one of the most important part. With more and more internet users are now on world, lots of gadget are available. Lots of people day by day uses internet with all activities online, They uses Laptop, Desktop and Tablet with Smartphone, so lot and lot data’s must be use. If your data must be lock on one of your gadget, then today i am sharing one of the best article ” Top free Cloud Computing Service Provider“. People uses free stuff to get their all resources with when they want they get.

Cloud Storage Service Provider

Every person who uses internet daily basis on their life are always looking to get their data anytime anywhere. No matter how they get but only when they want they get it. Lot’s of smartphone and tablet are available but now one problem is to come how much data store on this devices. So, today i share article based on Free Cloud Space Provider. We feel helpless without internet use because internet helps in any type of problem, so first we move to article “What is Cloud Space ? How Cloud Space Works ?”.

What is Cloud Storage ?

Cloud storage is one type of network model or group of enterprise storage, Where data is stored in virtualized pools or bridge of storage, which is hosted by third parties. Hosting companies provide large number of data storage that helps people to manage their data.

one simple meaning of Cloud Storage is ” the storage of data online in the cloud”. In cloud storage you can get accessibility, reliability, strong protection and one major use in when you want to get it with their features. There are 3 Major cloud storage model are available.

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud

This 3 works based on their routine, that means Public cloud is a storage such as amazon’s simple storage service, where they provide a multi-tenant storage environment. Private cloud storage is one type of organization’s private, means they appropriate for those users who need and who connect with their data, where Hybrid works combination of other two model that include at least one private and one public cloud structure.

So Now Move to How Cloud Storage Works ?

Cloud storage works with network of bunch, means they store data based on wire transfer, so that you can get your data when you want anywhere and anytime. They store data based on their space. How much space they provide is depend on their server specification.

Right now, we all know lot of service provider provides free service that offer to automatically upload your photo and document to cloud, sync your document, across multiple use when you want you get with multiple devices across the web. Sharing large file with your friend is now easy, as we no longer have to wait that data that i send, he/she gets or not, We all know email servers limitations, instead in cloud storage we

just send a link to the file that e store on cloud service, where they access immediately or in fact if you need when you want to just get it through this free cloud storage service, So today i am sharing one of the 6 best free cloud storage service provider and their service.. choosing which service you will use after read this article. I may share all the factor of this all free cloud space service here, if you have also any best factor than share with your comment after this post. So lets have look of this service providers.

  1. Dropbox Cloud Storage
  2. Google Drive Cloud Storage
  3. One Drive Cloud Storage
  4. Box Cloud Storage
  5. Apple Icloud Storage
  6. SpiderOak Cloud Storage
  7. Amazon Cloud Storage


Dropbox is one of best and right now number 1 Cloud Storage Service. If you need and want to use you just need to sign up with your name and email id details. They offer clients for Linux and Blackberry along with windows and Mac os standards. Their storage mantra is to, no matter where you are your data goes a long way to ensuring with you.

They provide 2 GB of storage, For document this space will be still huge, but if you want to store any kind of media, photos, music or video it will be disappear for you. You have one option, Upgrade your account with 100GB plan for around £6(British pound) like (Rs, 610 INR) per month. but they also offer 500 MB for additional free storage space for each of your friend you get to sign up with this service until 16 GB.

Recently, Samsung offers 50GB of free Dropbox space when you bought new samsung device or handset.Dropbox provide this service with sync your folder through your pc or laptop. You just need to create a local folder on your computer then sync with an online version of your dropbox.

The data saves on encryption format via two step authentication with all your folders. Security of dropbox provide two step verification to access your folder. Dropbox save your file based on encryption format that is AES 256-bit encryption.

Features :

  • 2GB Free Storage Space
  • Secure Encryption format to save your data
  • Two step authentication security

2) Google Drive :

Google Drive one of the best alternative of Dropbox and the main reason behind of Google Drive’s Success is of its google’s default storage service. google Drive provides 15 GB of free storage space when you setup your gmail account, they provide this features.

Now google declares their all service under one login ID, the main chances behind to use of Drive is if you have just to sign in with your Gmail ID. Here you can save any of file like Media file, audio songs, video songs, Documents like any other and if you send any of your large attachment they will count this space on your 15GB includes. Google drive provide same as other most cloud storage service providers.

They also save your data in encrypted format with 128-bit AES unlike any other 256-bit by box.

3) Microsoft One Drive Cloud Storage :

Recently skydrive name moves out One Drive cloud storage. This is same as dropbox and google drive, their app are also available to window, Mac, Android, iOS and as well as all window phone users.

Microsoft also provide referral whereas users gain extra 500MB of storage for every friend with sign up for One Drive. There is also provide an additional 3GB offered if you sync your One Drive with your mobile phone’s camera.

This automatically backup your all photos. The One Drives interface is look like window 8 modern UI design. All are clear navigation with you can select between various option.

One of the best features of One Drive is that you can remotely access your files on another pc via OneDrive official website, only required is to be the target machine need to be turned on and running with enable features of fetch files, this one is your simple and sleek way if you configured with all control on your whole data.

4) Box Cloud Storage :

Some Like Dropbox, Box is one of the best cloud storage. There may be lot more miss-match between dropbox and box cloud storage service.Box is more famous because of it actually longer than its starting part of 2005.

The lot more reason behind of its less promotion if to be company only focuses on the business part rather than focussed on building impressive enterprise. Now Box is still offer solid personal storage option also, with 10GB of Free Storage space for new account creation.

Uploading a photo library won’t be a problem for majority of users, with average top-resolution upto smartphone’s 2-5 MB, but video is the sticking point. Upgrading the personal account option also available with plan will cost you £7 per month, with gleaning you 100GB of storage and file size limit of 5GB. It also available as smartphone apps, main functionality of Box is, the user interface of mobile apps is slick and well designed with awesome and catchy look.

There are plenty of option for creating, uploading and sorting with ordering your data. It also provide sharing and linking option to your file like as Dropbox and Google Drive. Box store your file based on 256-bit of encryption format.
Features :

  • Fast, solid cloud storage
  • 10GB of storage space

5) Apple Icloud Storage :

Apple’s default cloud storage service is ICloud storage. ICloud is mainly focuses on i-Phone users. They provide most of the iPhone features with this cloud storage. Unlike any other above service here, iCloud is not really easy like above, photo taken by iPhone device and IOS device are backed up directly on iCloud but is not possible for android and window smartphone users.

Recently iCloud is add iWork-Apple’s default office suite-now available for free via the website. The three apps Page, Number and Keynote-have available with clean and wellwork interface, photos which are taken via any of iOS device sync with across through logged into your iCloud account. iCloud right now provide available space for iPhone users as 5GB as initially.

6) SpiderOak Cloud Storage

One of best privacy provided Cloud storage is SpiderOak Cloud Storage. Most of the above all Cloud Storage are mainly store your data in encrypted format but here SpiderOak Cloud Storage’s approach is different.

Once you have account with SpiderOak Cloud Storage and setup your account, you need to downloading the desktop client, where you can transfer your local folder, which will then encrypt then before syncing them to SpiderOak. This might same like above but it different with data is readable only by you, as the key is local to your pc/laptop.

Their private account basic start with 2GB of storage. which is one of the lowest of all the above current cloud storage service, but it increases with if your friend sign up with your referral, you gets 1 GB extra with maximum upto 10 GB only. There mainly focus is to secure and privacy of your storage data.

7) Amazon Cloud Storage :

Amazon’s one of the best product of cloud storage for your data with deal to battle of all the above free storage stuffs. Amazon has its own cloud storage solution like above Google drive and Microsoft’s One Drive.

First you need to sign up with amazon after you just to download their app onto your pc and Mac, once download it will take care of your data by folders.

The free account startup with 5GB of free storage, which amazon assure that it store 2000 photos, but if you need more storage they you need to pay out a reasonable £6 per year to add 20GB, with more space available up to limit to the 1 TB for annual payment of £320.

All your data can be accessed with your mobile device like Android and iOS via amazon. If you need this storage space for your photos and videos then you are on the best place, but if you want to look for document then this is not for you. You need to choose one above all rather than amazon.

So what are you thinking, just grab to use this all cloud and make your data more securely and get it when you want. 🙂

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