The Future of Marketing Business

The marketing world of the future will feature exciting new opportunities.

Nothing before in history has changed the marketing business as much as the internet. Being able to reach such a huge audience for such so little has revolutionized the way we advertise our businesses.

The Future of Marketing

The Future of Marketing

The most recent trends such as social media, target marketing, and mobile technology have drastically altered the online marketing landscape, but even they will be replaced with new, more lucrative business practices as technology progresses. These 3 trends are for sure the next phase of the online marketing world.

Micro targeted ads

Target marketing has allowed advertisers to narrow-down their audience based on tracked preferences .The revolution in internet marketing has mirrored the revolution in internet entertainment in such a way that we can now completely customize both our entertainment options, and what ads we see.

In the future we can expect to see ads that are so focused onto an audience, that you might not see them as intrusive money grabs any longer. The ads will be so tailor-made to your personal preferences, that you will welcome the opportunity to view it. Expect ads to become so interwoven into your entertainment experience that you don’t even notice that they’re ads anymore.

Personalized brands

Having a personal touch to your brand is already a game changer, but in the marketing world of the future, it will be an absolute necessity. Customers will want to know that they are buying a product or service from you personally. It is already becoming commonplace for you to see big brands having personal representatives on social media.

When you have a person from the company that you can speak with directly for all of your concerns or issues, then it creates trust and goodwill between the consumer and the company. This in turn creates brand loyalty. In the world of the future, you can bank on this being the strategy of all large companies.

Reverse Auctions

A reverse auction is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an auction where sellers compete to get business from buyers. As the digital world and the “real” world become ever more intertwined, we will begin to see more and more advertisers seeking to advertise in real time. Imagine this: you’re walking down the street in a crowded city, and pass someone sporting a sleek pair of shades. You focus in on them with your smart glasses or phone, and are instantly shown where you can find them in the vicinity, and what price the store offers.

On top of that, internet vendors will be able to submit a bid to you in real time just like a reverse auction. Imagine how low prices will drop? All vendors will have to offer the lowest price possible, or add other perks to the deal to get you to buy the product that you are interested in. What if you want some pizza, and all pizza joints in the area rush to make you an offer based on the preferences that you put in. This is one of the most fascinating ideas out there, and I for one can’t wait for it to be implemented.

Marketing, like all other aspects of business is a fluid and ever-changing process. We can expect that new developments in technology will spur growth onward into new areas, and that the experience offered to the customer will be the driving force behind new marketing techniques. It’s an exciting time to be alive. 🙂

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