IGTV As A Marketing Tool

Despite a few issues with the interface and navigation when it was first launched, IGTV still offers marketers and creators so many opportunities. Over time, Instagram has made the necessary changes to correct the problems with the interface and navigation and can now offer its users a higher quality product.

IGTV | Instagram for Business

While this product competes with other video platforms like YouTube and Facebook, it is IGTV’s long-form vertical video that appeals to viewers and has led to its overall popularity in the space of social media marketing.

The idea behind the long-form vertical video is to use up the entire length of the screen so as to help limit distractions.

Creating videos for IGTV – Some tips

When filming content for IGTV, you should try and film it in such a way that it can be cropped easily into a vertical format. Trying to just repurpose videos from other platforms might not always achieve the desired results.

The overall goal when creating videos is to create something that will hold the viewers attention and keep them engaged.

Try and get really creative with your videos by playing around with them and editing them to make them visually appealing for your audience. Consider the option of layering two videos on top of each other in order to use the entire vertical space of the screen.

Another option could be to mix your video with other visual effects that will help draw your audience’s attention.

Zooming in and out of objects or faces, or even cutting away to other videos are some more ideas that can help make your videos more visually appealing. The options are endless and worth experimenting with.

IGTV also allows users to upload a photo or even use a screenshot from the video as a thumbnail. Thumbnails help to increase click-through rates so it definitely worth including. You can create the thumbnail as you are uploading your video.

At this point in time it isn’t possible to go back and create a thumbnail so this needs to incorporated on the video while you are uploading the video. It also isn’t possible to add links in the video like you can on other platforms, so you should try and include a strong title and description with your video when you upload it.

Improvements are continuously being made to IGTV so these few points that it currently lacks will probably only be temporary. The benefits that this platform offers its users far outweighs the negatives, so don’t let these few shortcomings put you off.

You should always aim to create high-quality, attractive videos that communicate your marketing message effectively. The quality of smartphone cameras these days means that low-quality videos will not be accepted by viewers. Viewers will quickly lose interest with a low-quality video.

1] Promote your videos through Instagram Stories

Due to the fact that IGTV is fully integrated into the same app as Instagram Stories, you are offered another platform in which to promote your videos. You can upload sneak peaks of your videos on Instagram Stories that link back to the full the video on IGTV.

2] Repurposing your Instagram Live videos for IGTV

You could even consider repurposing some of your Instagram Live videos on IGTV. Live videos are a lot more free-flowing and spontaneous than the usual scripted videos uploaded to IGTV.

By recording your Instagram Live videos, you can rewatch the recordings and see exactly which parts of the different broadcasts received the most comments and reactions from the viewers and then build each of those parts into separate videos for IGTV.

While this is still a very new platform, it offers marketers another means of reaching their audience. As the wants and needs of audiences are continuously changing, getting onboard with popular platforms such as this can only be beneficial in the long run.

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