Top 8 Best Online Video Converters

When you record a business video, you cannot upload it directly to the video sharing platform. You must first compress it to another format to reduce the file size.

Best Online Video Converters

Compressing the video can increase video loading speed and enable it to rank higher on the search engine. The following are the 8 best online video converters you can use to convert your video.

1] can directly convert the video from the video URL. You can also upload the video from your computer and convert it to the destination format.

You can choose from 8 types of conversion formats. It is free to use for up to 1GB file size and you cannot exceed more than 25 minutes per day. The conversion time for the video also cannot exceed more than 25 minutes.


2] Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter let you batch convert a large number of video files to a single format. There are more than 180 formats supported in the video converter.

It has a limit of up to 100 MB per day on the output video file. There is no limit on the file size for uploading. They have a desktop version if you want to enjoy unlimited file size.


3] is a site where you can convert all types of media files for free. On the homepage, you will see different video converter tools. You should select the target format under the video converter to go to the tool.

Next, you drop your video file inside the green zone. Below, you can set the optional settings for some basic editing on the video. The maximum file size limit for per user is 100 MB.


4] Convert Video Online

Convert Video Online has a polished modern interface for converting your video files. The web app supports conversion to over 300 video formats.

You can customize the resolution, and output file size of the video. You can load your video files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, and URL. There is a limit of 2GB per file you upload but there is no limit on how many videos you can upload per day.


5] Zamzar

Zamzar is an easy to use online video converter that let you convert your video files to 49 formats. There is a limit of 100 MB on per user. They will send the converted video to your email.

You can click the Add Files button or drag and drop your video to load it into the online converter. It can also download a video from a URL and convert it. It claims that it can complete your file conversion within 10 minutes.


6] Save Clip Bro

Save Clip Bro allows you to convert video from a variety of sources such as YouTube. The video you convert is easy to play on your devices such as the iPhone, and laptop.

When the video is converted, you can download it to your computer. You can also use the QR code to download the converted video to your smartphone.


7] Apowersoft Online Video Converter

Apowersoft Online Video Converter is a free online video converter launched by Apowersoft. If you want to perform the unlimited conversion, you must download the launcher. You can set the output media format to be compatible with your phone model.

It supports conversion to a variety of resolutions such as 4K, AVCHD and HEVC. There is absolutely no limitation on using the online video converter.


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