How To Teach Maths In An Interesting Way?

Maths is an interesting subject. But sometimes students get easily bored with the typical way to learn it. There are many other ways to make maths interesting to learn. Teachers can use different methods to teach the same concept in a fun way. Let’s explore some of the fun ways to teach maths.

How To Teach Maths

1] Use the Dice

We can use dice in many different ways to learn maths. You can learn mathematical operations like multiplication and addition with the help of dice too. This will make learning math fun for students. We can also give them homework assignments which are based on using dice to solve the problems.

2] Videos

Videos explain the concepts like Quadrilateral better than just drawing them on the board. A mix of traditional learning and online videos on mathematical topics can make learning maths interesting for the students. The three-dimensional view of the geometrical shapes helps in grasping the concept better.

3] Learn maths in a game form

To encourage students to put more efforts into the subject –  maths, teach it like a game.  To begin with, in this method, you can choose an easy topic and ask a quiz on it. You can ask them to prepare for another topic like quadrilateral angles for the next day quiz. This way they will feel encouraged to learn more.

4] Give real-world examples

Giving real-world examples for the topics you discuss in class will help the students relate more to the topic. This will also make sure that they understand the topic better. This will enable them to explore the purpose of the formulas and the concepts they learn in the class.

5] Laugh it out

Making the classroom environment happy before starting the topic to be learned that day, will keep the students engaged for a long time. Sharing some jokes on the topic – maths or the current memes on the same will make students stressfree at the beginning of the class. Let them laugh a little on the topic which they are going to learn next. This will let them enjoy the topic more when it would be taught later.

6] Use Word Wall

Word wall is the best way to let the students remember the topic better. These are the visual reminders for the algebra and geometrical topics. Reading the important formulas or mathematical definitions in a colorful written way will help the students to remember it better and for longer.


Maths is already an interesting subject. But it can be made more interesting and fun for the students. The above-given tips can make learning math fun for your class students.

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  1. T am a ok ok math student, but I love love the power of math to discover new things like Q-R code using probability, finding patterns. And I knew one day I would become a great mathematician.

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