Tips to Improve Your Blogging Experience

If you lack traffic to your blog even after putting the best content in the most stunning layout, this is high time you put brutal efforts & channel your energy to grow your blog & in turn its traffic. While you will find WordPress to be the most preferred CMS with its offerings of Responsive Blog themesΒ that you can take your pick from, it is also necessary to implement the most effective strategies for your blog growth.

Ways to Improve Your Blog from Beginner to Advanced

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So, here you will find simple & easy to implement quick guide which you can use to take your blog to the next level!

1) Email List:

The first step, having an active email list is a brilliant way to be in touch with your readers whom you can turn into your regular visitors. It helps precisly if you are new to the blogging & take minimal efforts including getting an email marketing service or integrating your WordPress blog with one of the plugins to manage the email subscribers list.

2) Experiment with new content type:

If your content only includes posts or articles only in the written form, you are not big in the game! Try to upload content in audio forms; the podcast could be included; in articles, videos & images can be inserted to enhance the visual appeal of your overall blog. It helps in attracting the readers as some might prefer listening things over going through a text or watching a video instead of just listening, so add variety to your blog content.

3) Display your best stuff:

Just like magazine sites features a trending post or section in their layout, you can have one in your blog too which will showcase all your best content throughout the site. It not only helps to retain the readers but also the SEO of your blog as it improves your interlinking & thus, in turn, the search engine rankings.

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4) Update & promote older posts:

When you started your blog, obviously the traffic was low & people must have ignored the older posts, so reviving them & promoting them again on your blog will increase your SERP’s again. You can interlink the older posts in the newer posts or refer to them while writing new content; there are plenty of methods to do that right way!

5) Have fewer ad pop-ups:

In the initial phase, bombarding readers with ad pop-ups is just not a good idea! It turns off the readers; the attention span of the readers is just like a toddler, you have to capture the attention as soon as they land up on your blog, this ad notifications will rather encourage them to move on to a different site. Moreover, the interval between ads should be less to provide a good reading experience to the readers.

6) Learn the basic of SEO:

Learn the basic of SEO

SEO is not only beneficial for blogging, but it also helps in overall internet marketing. It just takes few minutes, few tutorials & few articles to learn basic of SEO which assists you in the long run. You can then drive traffic to your blog by implementing those tactics & that in turn automatically boost your ranking in the search engine.

Also, your dedication & passion are the two ingredients that help you in reaching the new heights of success. So, follow all that you seem correct after all learning makes everything worthwhile. Best of luck! πŸ™‚

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  1. Bloging is the most important way to inform people from technology, news and many more about the world.

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