3 Ways Technology Has Made It Easier To Give Back

The holidays are here again, meaning it’s the time of year when giving is on the front of everyone’s mind. It seems that we all have a long list of gifts we need to buy this month for our friends and family. December is also the time when everyone starts thinking more about giving to those who are less fortunate than them through charities and other organizations.

Technology Has Made It Easier


What many of these people do not realize is that technology has made it easier than ever to give back year round. Continue reading to learn about three ways technology has made it easier to give back.

Use an App to Donate While Completing Your Day to Day Activities

Many avid runners participate in 5k or 10k runs that may donate to a specific charity. With new apps such as Charity Miles, you can make all of your runs more charitable.

The app uses GPS on your phone to track how far you walk or run and donates money based on your distance. Although the donation might be small, every little amount counts. The app allows you to choose from a large list of charities ranging from ASPCA to Autism Speaks.

Click One Button to Add a Small Monthly Donation Onto Your Phone Bill

Sometimes you may want to donate to charity, but you’re paying off so many other bills you forget to contribute some of your money towards a good cause. With new technology from Donate Mate, you can click a button on the website of your favorite charity, share your mobile number, and a small donation will be added onto your monthly cellphone bill.

Most major cell phone providers support this technology, including Verizon and AT&T. Don’t worry about being tied down to your donation, because Donate Mate will send you a text message each month allowing you to opt out if you need to.

Check-in at Your Favorite Places to Give to Your Favorite Organizations

Download the Charity Check-In app and giving back becomes as easy as visiting some of your favorite retailers. With the app, you can check-in when you visit participating stores and the store will make a donation to the charity of your choice. The app automatically shares an update on your Facebook letting others know that you visited this cool spot and were able to use it for a good cause.

New developments in technology are always finding ways to make our day-to-day lives easier, but with these tools there is an even greater reason to be thankful for technology and the benefits we receive from using it. Check out some of these tech tools this holiday to give back during the season of giving and throughout the new year. 🙂

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