Steps To Prepare For A Productive Video Conference

Productive and pleasant communication is a prerequisite for business success, a healthy and trusting atmosphere among colleagues, and maintaining friendships when friends live in different countries. It is very difficult to gather all employees of a large company in one room, especially when half of the team works in different cities and countries.

Similarly, friends who live or work in different cities need to find an alternative to physical meetings. In the last 5 years, video conferencing has become the most popular alternative. Thanks to top-notch online platforms like iMind, video conferencing guarantees users time-saving, privacy-preserving and high-quality online communication.

Productive Video Conference

How to prepare for a video conference?

Video conferencing is a way of communication that allows users to feel as relaxed and secure as possible during a conversation. Although video conferencing helps friends, colleagues or business partners save time when organizing and conducting a meeting, there are still some steps that can make online communication even more convenient and productive. Aside from choosing a high-quality video conferencing platform with good user reviews, such as iMind, there are three other rules to keep in mind. These rules of online etiquette are especially important for employees and business partners who want to participate in an online meeting or negotiation.

  • A quality Internet connection and sound on the electronic device. The presence of these components is a prerequisite for participating in a videoconference, so check the quality of the Internet connection beforehand at home, in a café or coworking space. It is also important that during a videoconference participants have the opportunity not only to hear each other, but also to have an active discussion and discuss business projects and ideas. To this end, participants in a video conference should have high quality sound and a microphone on their computer or mobile device.
  • A quiet place without unnecessary noise. Any video conference, especially an online session, requires concentration and increased attention from all participants. Therefore, to participate in a video conference, you need to choose a place that is free from strangers, music or other noises. All of these can distract users from important information from the video conference, and inattentive colleagues during an online session can be penalized and fined for their inattention.
  • Presentable clothing. Many people take an irresponsible approach to online meetings and conferencing, so they may join a video conference in their house clothes, from bed, or on the street. Not only does this show disrespect for the other participants, but it also interferes with concentration on the discussion. An online meeting should be treated with the same responsibility and preparation as a regular meeting or discussion. Appearance of the participant and clothing should be consistent with a business-like work style, and the background during a video conference should not be too bright and distract colleagues. Therefore, a desk with a plain background is the best place for successful video conferencing. And the kitchen, car, street or bed are the best backgrounds for failed online meetings and online conferences.

Following these tips will improve the quality of communication during a video conference and increase trust between colleagues. When all participants of a video conference see each other’s responsibility and mutual respect, online meetings will be much more productive. Especially when participants hold video conferences on the best online platforms like iMind.

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