Small Business Dilemma: Why You Should Invest In PPC

When taking on the humongous task of grasping and managing the intricate web we call advertising, it can get more than a little overwhelming. Nowadays, people have a tendency to lean on SEO like it’s the holy grail of advertising and it is the only way to get meaningful traffic on your site. However powerful a tool SEO is, it is still a tool – it is specifically designed to excel at one thing.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in PPC Advertising

Small Business Dilemma

And that’s the issue, SEO is amazing for reeling in organic results, but that’s just one half of the coin, there’s a huge part of the market that SEO simply does not reach and this is where PPC comes in.

A different area

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is exactly what it sounds like – a company invests in advertisements on various sites and pays up whenever its ad gets clicked on. This may not seem like much, but strategic placement of these ads get surefire customers from copious amounts of sites directly to your checkout page.

The main difference is that these ads pop up on sites that are directly related to what users are actively looking for, making any potential clicker more than likely to purchase whatever has been offered in the ad. This reaches into a whole other group of people who otherwise wouldn’t have known your company existed.

Expanded keywords

When figuring out what keywords to use for your company, it can get tedious trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. By using PPC, owners can actively gauge how often certain keywords trigger the appearance of their ads over the course of one quarter.

Over the course of these months, the sample size will become larger and larger, ironing out any kinks and creating a crystal-clear representation of what worked and what didn’t. These results can be used to bolster a company’s SEO campaign as well, sometimes it can even justify setting up a whole other business sector.

More opportunities

The idea behind PPC lies in its cost-effective nature and its ability to present itself when absolutely needed. Pay-per-click ads can cover everything from Google’s very own searches to specialized sites that allow ads to certain social media powerhouses.

All these present more options, the company is no longer relying on SEO to bring in people when they feel like it, it provides a little more in-your-face approach and generates meaningful numbers by simply being there when it needs to. These can be especially useful for people looking to expand business abroad, helping them get that extra nudge and avoid being stuck to local searches like in SEO.

Social media

Social media

Speaking of the giant, blue, time-consuming elephant in the room, Facebook is a perfect example of how PPC works. Over the years, they have allowed the use of pay-per-click form ads on their site and they’ve generated insane amounts of revenue. With a number like 2 billion monthly users swimming in our heads, it becomes obvious just how much a certain ad can go. That big of a group, you’re guaranteed to make sales happen.

It’s great for testing

Just like SEO, it is important that we are assured that the time and money spent on optimizing this strategy is a worthwhile investment. With options such as conversion tracking and heat maps, PPC management has never been easier.

Using these tools, owners can quickly rack up data and figure out what their next step might be and alter their path along the way. PPC brings traffic in fast, and as such, allows a more active role in correcting its path early on as opposed to waiting for months to correct SEO.

Cover all your bases

The general idea here is to cover all of your bases. There’s a huge world out there, the marketing possibilities are virtually limitless, we only need to know where to look. With so many options out there, there is simply no logical reason why we should pigeonhole ourselves by only focusing on one area.

Like conventional ads, online advertisements function on the principle of exposure – the bigger the sample, the higher the likelihood of making a sale. This is why PPC is so important, it covers the other side of the proverbial coin and skyrockets visibility – directly influencing sales as well. 🙂

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