Printed Books Vs. eBooks – What’s Your Game?

With the advent of the internet, anything and everything has easily become accessible online. From clothes to jewellery to even books, everything can be purchased online with just a click. Books, in fact, are a step ahead, they are available in a new form – eBooks. Simple and light to carry around, eBooks have made information easily accessible. However, the race between eBook and printed books is becoming tighter each passing day.

Print Books vs. E-books: What’s the Score?

Printed Books Vs. eBooks

Furthermore, the ones who are having a hard time deciding between the two are students preparing for IIT JEE and NEET online through new-age digital modes like Aakash iTutor.

It’s true that every student has their own way of gathering apt material for scoring well in the entrance exam. For a result, that takes you a step closer to your dream, you must identify yours!

So, if you are a JEE aspirant and going through a similar dilemma. You are at the right place. The pros and cons of printed and eBooks will help you identify your way. Take a look!

The Advantages of Printed Books

  1. The prime reason why printed books are better is because it’s easy to get lost in digital books. It’s easy to flip a print book back to the index or any other chapter as compared to eBooks.
  2. It’s easier to retain information when you read in print. A study conducted by The Guardian reported that students and users using digital modes to read eBooks had a hard time recalling information as compared to those who used printed books.
  3. Print books serve as an easy reminder. Whenever you walk past your collection of books, they instantly remind you how much you need to cover extra to accomplish your goal.
  4. With printed books, it becomes easier to exchange them with fellow aspirants. This trade helps in procuring more study material to get the best result.
  5. Last but not the least, you can easily highlight the important parts of the chapter, dog-ear pages that you feel are important for your preparation and book mark the chapters stressed as important by your faculty.

The Advantages of eBooks

  1. The prime factor that makes eBooks better than printed books is that you can have hundreds and thousands of books at one place. You can carry your entire syllabus in your tab, and you don’t need a separate space in the house to store them.
  2. Unlike printed books, eBooks don’t clutter up your study table, thus giving you added time to prepare well for the entrance examination.
  3. eBooks, when compared to printed books, are a cost-effective way to obtain the full curriculum at one place. When compared to printed books, eBooks cost approximately 60% less, thus making them incredibly easy on the pocket.
  4. The portable nature of eBooks helps you in carrying them around without disquieting about the weight. The entire curriculum of IIT-JEE will always be with you, wherever you go.
  5. Last but not the least, the font can be resized according to your convenience. Also, many software easily read out the text in the book for added convenience.

What You Need to Know About Ebooks vs. Print Books

To Sum It Up!

Though eBooks and printed books have their share of advantages, choosing the way that helps you the most is suggested. An efficient and directed approach will assist you in cracking the NEET exam even if you are planning to opt for NEET online coaching. Choose the learning mode that you are most comfortable with and we are sure you will score excellent grades. All the best! 🙂

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