3 Reasons Digital Signage Promotes A Strong Company Culture

Company culture is more than the ideal image you portray to your employees about your company. Your company’s culture is the result of how your team expresses specific values and beliefs while working and representing your company.

In other words, your company’s culture is the sum of who your employees are being – not who you want your employees to be.

Strong Company Culture

Naturally, many business owners are always looking for ways to foster the ideal company culture, a culture that keeps employees happy, motivated, and proud to be part of the team.

Many culture-building strategies involve training sessions, but you can also improve company culture with digital signage.

While trainings are important, company culture isn’t created by telling people what to do or how to act.

Company culture has to be fostered in a way that makes employees willingly adopt a strong sense of pride for their company. This process is a bit easier when you have digital signage in the office.

Digital signage makes team members feel included

Inclusion plays a large role in company culture. When individuals feel seen, recognized, and included, they are more likely to have a sense of pride in their work. You can foster stronger inclusion through digital signage.

Visix explains how digital signage can drive engagement, collaboration, and foster inclusion in the workplace. For instance, displaying pictures and video that include women, men, and people of different ages and ethnicities will make employees feel included and represented.

Add these images to the messages you display for your employees. For example, when you’re recognizing employees for their achievements, use their photo (with permission, of course). When displaying general messages, use good quality stock photos that represent a variety of people.

When employees feel like they are valued and recognized team members, they’ll be more inclined to accept overtime work, participate in company fundraisers, and represent the company at conferences and trade shows.

Digital signage can influence better performance

When your employees feel a sense of pride in their role, they’re more likely to take ownership of their tasks and contribute at their peak level of performance. Company culture has been shown to correlate directly with performance.

Use the following ideas to inspire better performance through digital signage.

  • Celebrate team achievements.
  • Recognize individual employees.
  • Update the status of KPIs.
  • Share company news.
  • Share company goals.
  • Advertise promotional opportunities.
  • Display motivational or inspirational messages.
  • Share what the company is doing out of the office.
  • Share photos of company events like dinners and parties.
  • Create a community board where all employees can contribute something.

These are just some ideas to get you started. You can also incorporate gamification into your digital signage with touchscreen displays.

Gamification is when you add game elements to activities that aren’t actually games. For example, adding elements like points, badges, and leaderboards to company goals would be considered gamification.

With the use of touchscreens, you can add interactive gamification elements to your employee marketing strategy. For instance, run a short, weekly quiz with questions about the company to see how much employees know.

Have employees accumulate points for correct answers that can be redeemed for real prizes at the end of the month.

Digital signage can influence better collaboration

Similar to how digital signage can influence better performance, it can also influence better collaboration. Sometimes employees forget to stay focused on group goals, especially when they perform their work in a silo. Employees need to know their work is part of a larger whole.

For instance, software developers usually work independently from graphic designers. Designers are told what to create after the developers create a framework.

Facebook ad managers tend to work in a silo as well, not collaborating daily with other marketers. However, having a cohesive marketing strategy requires collaboration between people in charge of all channels.

If your team members can’t work together, and they must work in a silo, use digital signage to keep everyone up-to-date with other departments’ work.

Keep a constant reminder in front of your workers that other people are working on the same project, and the end goal is to create a final project for the client (or the consumer).

Strengthen your company culture with digital signage

Every company’s culture can use a boost. It’s not something you create and walk away from – you’re always creating and strengthening your company culture. It’s an ongoing process that requires continual effort and upkeep.

Company culture  programs are better suited for certain industries. However, no matter what industry you’re in, you can use digital signage to strengthen your company culture.

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