5 Best Sites for Hotel Booking for Unmarried Couples

Gone are the days when the only places lovebirds could meet freely irrespective of the constant scrutiny were the Mata ka Jagratas, though the times have changed and the new genre couples understand what a relationship demands, there are some people still dwelling in cave mentality and for your information am not talking about your society’s aunties.

hotel booking for unmarried couples

The hotels in India for one instance have a knack of judging and humiliating everything that’s not married according to them(With so much moral policing who needs relatives anyway).Seeing the growing trend of almost everyone chancing upon the helplessness of such couples looking for privacy, few hotel websites have come up to their rescue.

Maintaining the respect for the right of privacy of every consenting couple, such websites have become immensely popular in no time. Here is a list of few most popular hotel websites keeping in mind the customer reviews and the services provided by them.

1) OYO Rooms

OYO rooms became popular since last year when they came up with bed, breakfast and wifi options for people who like to travel a lot and keep it light, and even like to keep it light on their pocket. Options like twin sharing create an atmosphere of openness in company’s policy.

With OYO rooms having located in almost every popular state, finding one that suits your budget is everyone’s cup of tea but company states that unmarried couples are advised to check first with the hotel if they are ok with accommodating an unmarried couple, cos even though the company’s customer policy have no such reservations on customer’s relationship status, hotels at few locations may be a bit reluctant in providing a room to such couples.


STAYUNCLE: “Couples need a room,not a judgement” sure does say a lot about company’s policy. With towards “happily unmarried” couples. A valid Identity proof that states you are above 18years of age and the room is yours for 10hours.They don’t like themselves being connected to OYO rooms,rather the classy version of any short term arrangement you have known so far. Though located only in 7cities till now they are looking forward to reaching every major city in the country.

3) Stayzilla

Stayzilla boasts about having located at about 4000 towns across the country.From a budget friendly stay to a luxury accommodation,it has a deal to suit everyone’s pocket and likes.The booking interface that has an option of unmarried couples while booking a room is one big advantage over sites that need you to cross check with the stay provider.

4) Hotels.com

Hotels.com is one internationally acclaimed site dealing with customers globally. It’s international reach tells a lot about it’s policies when it comes to unmarried couples. Though customers are expected to check with the hotels once before checking in if they have any reservations with accommodating unmarried couples.


Located at more than 190 countries globally, AIRBNB needs no introduction, from luxury homestays to villas there are numerous options to choose from. While some hosts like to know a bit about the guest beforehand others like to keep it cool. Coming up as new age safe option for avid travelers all over the world, most AIRBNB hosts happily accommodates unmarried couples but it’s better to call than to cancel.

Who doesn’t likes discounts??Though every site provides discounts on promotional basis, going through every single site looking for one is quite time consuming and a hectic thing to do. FABPROMOCODES.IN is one such stop to find valid promo codes to all the sites that too in a decluttered way, minus all the confusion.

In the end, keep your travel addict always on the go, for the world is full of surprises. 🙂

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