How to Create a Beautiful Website Without WordPress?

What makes a website look good? It’s design! During the first view of a site if the design, logo and colors make you feel good then that’s where it’s called a best site. Designing website is nowhere a programmer job these days, a novice programmer can make a best site using CMS and available user friendly web designing platforms. WordPress is one of the well know free CMS used by web builders.

How to Create a Beautiful Website

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WordPress has a wide range of easy to use, free themes available over search. However, the usage of WordPress by every second user has left the essence of uniqueness. If WordPress is not your choice, web builders can help you indeed. Website builder serves in a great way offering customized solutions for all web needs: IM Creator, Wix, Angelfire Webydo Offers a wide range of templates and easy to customize options for the users.

Best ways to create a unique and beautiful site using web builders:

Great Images:

Images can break or make your website. However, great images cost you about few bucks. Here web builders should be a best choice. IM Creator owns its own stock photography library for its users.

Design & Templates:

IM Creator, Angelfire and Lycos Have huge collection of designs and templates. It serves perfect for all types and class of business. It includes 5 minutes site, one pager, business, services, talents, architecture, fashion, freelancers, mobile applications and many more. The process is very simple that either you can design from the stock templates or blank. You just have to select the best as per your business needs.

Fonts and content:

Fonts and contents are probably a major challenge in website design. A design layout makes it content look good or bad.Apart from the available structured designs, one can also edit or alter according to the content and image.


A simple click will make your content go live on search engines. All of these website builders are search engine friendly.

One can either connect with the existing IM Creator domain or purchase a new domain.

The best part of Website builders over WordPress, you can avail web developers support at any time unlike in WordPress. 🙂

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