Best Entertainment App and Games to Play This Year

Previously, Android online games were not upto the mark like iOS–the graphics were subpar, capabilities or details or were lower and the experience just wasn’t thrilling.

Entertainment App and Games to Play

Those days are long moved out now, Android has come up a long way and thanks to the lowering gap between hardware and software, Android now gets some of the most popular games in the city.

Indeed, the buzz has picked up so much;Smartphone manufacturers have now started designing special “Online Gaming Phones” that incorporate over-clocked CPUs, better cooling mechanisms, and high screen refresh rate.

There are a whole ton of free-cost online android games on the Play Store and it can be hard to pick out the best ones at a glance.

Here’s a list of the best entertainment games app that everyone is playing right now:

1] Oceanhorn

If you are a big fan and Legend of Zelda fan, then Oceanhorn might be the best option for you. The most popular title features terrific visuals and a solid narrative, together with a captivating soundtrack. It is pretty simple to play, too.

2] Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories

This popular app has been a massive hit in the gaming console world, and now you can also find a mobile version called Monster Hunter Stories.

Those who loved the console game can continue playing in its universe, making this an exceptional choice for them. In Monster Hunter Stories, you will take a trip across the globe looking for monsters to hunt and tame.

3] Dragon Ball Legends

The series of Dragon Ball game has seen somewhat of resurgence over the past few decades, and this game capitalizes on that.

Playing‘Dragon Ball Legends’ has a lot of fun, particularly if you’re a Dragon Ball fan, and it sees you fight back different levels, collecting characters and abilities along the way. This game is also built to be played in portrait mode, which makes it simple and trouble-free to play on the road.

4] RACING GAMES – Real Racing 3

If you want to burn some rubber in series of meticulously re-created cars on an exciting lineup of real tracks from across the world, then this is the game for you.

5] PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Game

It is a survival shooter that allows you experience precisely what it is like to be dropped on an island with ninety-nine other players (like Fortnite, even though PUBG came first) to see who will in the end survive.

6] Casino games

Especially online blackjack has gained big popularity over the years. You can play a veriaty of versions of the game starting from the old traditional one and following with the new versions like 21 duel.

The rules of online blackjack are easy enough to understand: The challenge lies in knowing when to stand, when to double, when to hit, and when to take insurance. A basic Blackjack strategy is sufficient to get you off to a great start.

Remember, in blackjack you need to play against the dealer. Games are fast, and smart decisions can pay off handsomely. You can play such games for real money. Blackjack is really an iconic game and you can also try our free online Roulette version.

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