Why a Gaming Mouse Is Good for Everyday Use

Over time, different classes of computer mice have made their appearance based on different computing needs. The most common computer mouse is the tried and true standard PC mouse made for use with a standard desktop or laptop computer.

Gaming Mouse

This mouse has the standard left and right mouse buttons and a scroll wheel in the centre. However, another class of mouse is the gaming mouse featuring not only the left and right mouse buttons with scroll wheel, but additional programmable buttons, adjustable sensitivity, adjustable weight, higher accuracy, and faster response times. How do these things make a gaming mouse great for everyday use? Let’s find out.

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Compared to a regular mouse, gaming mice are built to last a long time and endure hours of the repetitive button mashing that goes with PC gaming. Gaming mice are built from stronger plastics or polymers than regular mice, and they have a grip or surface that doesn’t collect sweat, oil, or grease.

They also have a grip that feels nice in the hand. This translates into an everyday mouse that can endure hours of repetitive motion and one that is a lot easier on the wrist. This means you can be productive for much longer than with a standard mouse.

Another feature gaming mice have over regular mice is multiple buttons on the side in addition to the left and right mouse buttons with scroll wheel. These are programmable buttons and they are great for gaming for the same reason they are great for everyday use.

It is much easier and faster to reach for a button on your mouse than to reach for a keyboard shortcut and even faster still than moving the cursor over to an icon and clicking it.

For example, if you are a graphic designer, you could just use the programmable buttons on a gaming mouse for decreasing and increasing brush size instead of reaching for the keyboard shortcut or the even slower action of moving the mouse cursor over the increase or decrease brush size buttons in Photoshop and clicking.

Another plus of a gaming mouse is the adjustable sensitivity. Sensitivity on a mouse is measured in DPI or dots per inch. The higher the DPI, the further your mouse will move for each movement you make.

The lower the DPI, the less distance your mouse will move across the screen each time you make a movement with it. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive the mouse is.Most gamers like a high DPI for twitch games like first person shooters, but a higher or lower DPI than the default can be very useful for everyday situations.

For example, if you’re typing up a word document, you could adjust your mouse to have a lower DPI so you can easily click spaces in between words and edit with higher accuracy rather than clicking near where you want your cursor to be and using the arrow keys from there because you over or undershot.

Also, adjusting your sensitivity to a higher DPI would be useful for everyday purposes if you were using Photoshop because you could do broad quick strokes with the mouse.

Another win for why a gaming mouse is good for everyday use is that gaming mice have adjustable weight. This is good for everyday use, because you can adjust the weight to change the centre of gravity, speed, and response of the mouse adding another layer of adjustability beyond changing the DPI.

While the advantages of this to gamers are obvious, it might not be so obvious how this translates into everyday use. An example is, again, a graphic designer using Photoshop can adjust the weights in a gaming mouse to further refine their brush strokes after adjusting the DPI. Also, adjusting the weight in a mouse might make it easier on your wrist when you move the mouse.

Lastly, gaming mice have a leg up on standard mice because of their higher accuracy and faster response time. The higher accuracy is important for everyday use because you can better control exactly where you click your mouse cursor.

This would be useful, again, editing a word document. Faster response times are useful in things like graphic design, because there is less lag time between when the user moves the mouse and when the cursor moves. This is important because some brush strokes are very fine and precise.

So, gaming mice aren’t just for gamers. They can boost your everyday productivity and make your computer much easier and more enjoyable to use.

Their programmable buttons along with their adjustability and sensitivity make them ideal for a variety of everyday applications and professional use.

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  1. For me a gaming mouse improved my game play and also you gotta take time to get used to your new gaming mouse

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