4 Ways to Benefit from Your Business Connections

For every small and medium business owner, creating a potential for value is done through making and strengthening connections. Facebook has, for example, derived most of its value through the huge number of creations they have created. Such enterprises achieve ranking in the billion dollar valuation categories even before they have utilized their connections to make money.

How to Get Benefits From Business Connections

Benefit from Your Business Connections

However, the value of creating the connection in this economy is indispensable. The question is whether you are taking an active role in and benefiting from your connections.

Here are plausible means of boosting your business through connections in the economy today.

1) Using Social Media

Many small businesses connect with suppliers, prospects, and customers through social media. This avenue is of great value for the business owners.

Using social media requires that you first understand who you want to reach out to and your goals once you reach them. In fact, it does not make much sense to try connecting to established customers and potential ones using the same method.

Using Social Media

In addition, you may require creating a social media relationship with your suppliers in order to stay competitive in the market; suppliers might use their channels to communicate insider tips and industry news.

2) Forums

In the world of connections, forums are probably the most misunderstood avenues of engaging with prospects. Today, some businesses started simply because their owners were industry experts on forums. However, it is critical that you only engage in as many good forums as possible and that are related to your core business, and your posts have to be knowledgeable and helpful.

Create some time in your busy schedule every week to look through forums and look for problem-solving posts. Such connection will be valuable to your business within no time.

3) The People around You

Creating connections with others in your business and personal settings is important. Start with your family and close friends, and have them root for your small enterprise. Of course, they should have an understanding of what you do and might even have tried out your product or service.

Whenever possible, they should be shopping at your store or using your services. Once they find others who would like what you are selling, they recommend you.

The same is also important when it comes to your employees. Develop connections in such a manner that they graduate from mere employees to brand ambassadors who are ready and willing to advertise your business even when they are not on the clock. This entails treating employees well, offering them growth opportunities and regarding their inputs when it comes to the direction your business will take.

4) Review Sites

Your social media posts broadcast information about your business while trying to get the attention of people. Once customers comment on your product like the gasket eliminator on a review site or their social media feeds, they literally take over the microphone. Such instances are opportunities that can bring in more connections.

One critical attribute about connections is that they go beyond making direct connections. It is also about recognizing that there are onlookers and some who hear about you through word of mouth. Learn from review sites and create strategies that help your customers find where they can post their reviews.

Please note, how you handle these dimensions of creating connections can either negatively or positively impact your business. For example, a bad review can drive your customers away. It is your job to engage your potential and current clients, and use the strategies in a positive manner that adds value to your stature and business transactions. 🙂

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