Everyone has his/her own dream house. Something that is constructed according to their wish. Here you have every say in the final decision where even a bolt would not move without your permission. I know, these things don’t happen in real life, but that’s what virtual world and virtual games are about. Escaping reality, building your own house even your surroundings is just exceptional.

Yes! I am talking about the Roblox building game and step by step process to get free robux currency !!. Here you can create your surroundings, assign structural aspects to the building, even construct your own house and what your house should be made of. Fun isn’t it! but we as beginners don’t know what to do and this might turn disastrous if not done properly. I will be giving you five basic tips to be kept in mind while playing this game.


What kind of background do you want around your house? Obviously, you aren’t thinking about the bright green grass because you wouldn’t want to live in a park or garden. Go for more subdued colours than bright ones. It brings originality to the landscape. We should keep in mind which materials should be taken into consideration. We should also keep the originality of the structure in mind. Therefore, the bricks used should have less of a plastic nature. I would suggest that majority of materials and colours that you use should be subdued and not bright. The wall on the right looks more appealing than the one on the aft, considering the ground colour.


ROBLOX Gameplay provides us with some building tools that are way too hard to decipher. They are not complicated, but for the beginners, they might pose a problem. Therefore, the easy way out is using plugins developed by others.  For example, gap-fill is a plugin developed by starving. The plugin allows you to fill gaps between two bricks and also to create continuous meadows and mountains. This task becomes complicated because rectangular prism is used. You can even create your plugin; this is one of the major benefits of using ROBLOX. One thing that should be kept in mind is that while preparing your landscape, the angles that you give along the hills and ridges should not be sharp because, I have never seen a sharp and pointed meadow in my entire life, had it been the case, I would have probably been stabbed by the grass. This is the gap-fill plugin that I have used between the slope of the mountains. The figure on the left shows blocks of mountains rather than the continuous range, and in the figure on the right we have used gap-fil and added more trees so that it looks more pleasing.


A clear sky, with some clouds, is a boring and everyday landscape. Now it depends on you what kind of climate you want for your building. But if we want to change something, like if you are tired of living in the same environment day and again, then you can change the lighting by applying different effects like cloudy sky and snow by using custom particles. The funny part is you can show snow on bricks. Like, how much really can you get. A change of scenery is good. I don’t know how many of you have noticed this but dynamic lighting can be extremely powerful in building your game aesthetics. In the figure, I have shown what a foggy atmosphere looks like in ROBLOX.


The desire to have two stories? Why not! There is no fault in dreaming about a big house. We have two commands in ROBLOX that can be used either to form a single mass or to provide an indentation for aesthetic purposes. Suppose you have two blocks, by keeping these blocks adjacent to each other and selecting the UNION command you can convert these two units into one. As for NEGATE command, it is helpful when you want to create a sink or a bathtub. Placing the upper block inside lower one virtually and then giving union command thus creating an indentation. Negate, and union helps us in creating many small objects.


Drawing curves in ROBLOX is a tough task. It is done by hand. There is a plugin called OOZE-DRAW which helps you draw these curves in a matter of minutes. These help you in making cliffs and curves portions of your house such as a balcony or your curved dining table which depends on you, but with ooze draw, you can make a curve in a matter of minutes rather than take hours which sure is going to happen in case you draw by hand. In the picture below you can see the curve between two columns which are drawn using the nozzle.

There are much more techniques when it comes to ROBLOX. When you watch someone build on Livestream, it looks quite interesting and useful but at the end of the day what matters is how much you have practised. Some of the techniques and mistakes will only be visible after the watching your building process. With the perfect tools, you will find your building more reliant, comfortable, and convenient.

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