Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Pressure Washer

Even though pressure washers are a blessing for the clean freaks, there are not many people out there who know exactly what to look for.

Pressure washers are suitable for cleaning almost anything. From ripping off paint from walls to removing oil from the garage, pressure washers are capable of doing everything with efficiency.

Before buying any pressure washer, it is important that you get complete about it. You should know how it works and what exactly you should be looking for.

Pressure Washer

Here is a complete beginner guide. We have made a complete list of everything you need to be looking for in a pressure washer.

Types of pressure washers

There are two types of pressure washers available, gas and electric. Both are excellent when it comes to cleaning. Gas pressure washers are best for industrial purposes. These are high-end pressure washers, who are capable of delivering more power.

Some people use a gas pressure washer for domestic use as well such as cleaning lawn equipment and sidewalks. But these are not suitable for cleaning indoors. Other than that, these machines are noisy as well.

If you are looking for something powerful yet suitable for indoor usage, you should get your hands on electric pressure washers, as these offer less power and strength. Which makes them excellent to be used around the house.

Ease of use

You need to select a pressure washer after deeply analyzing the type of cleaning you need to do. You will be able to make an informed decision after that. No matter what type of pressure washer you choose, make sure that it is user-friendly and easy to use.

Getting a complicated machine, which you don’t even know how to use is of no use. Performance-wise, more or less every pressure washer will get the job done (unless you haven’t selected the right power). What really matters is the overall experience any machine provides you.

Always select the manufacturers which have a good reputation. It is always better to check the user’s review first and then go on product hunting. Make sure your product has wheels and a handle so that you can easily drag it around wherever you want.


Power is the real game-changer. Selecting the right power will definitely change the whole game for you. If you are interested in cleaning around the house only, get something with low pressure.

High power is ideal for cleaning tough targets like ripping off paint from walls, cleaning sidewalks, etc. The power of any pressure washer is calculated by Pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM).

More PSI and GPM means more power. Before buying any pressure washer, check these units. If you want to adopt an easier approach, you can simply check the CU (cleaning units), it will tell you about the power.

Hot or cold water

You can get a pressure washer with hot or cold water. If you deal with greasy or oily situations, get a hot water pressure washer. Hot water is more suitable for cleaning difficult stains, but these are a little complicated as compared to the cold water pressure washer.

You need to be very cautious while using these machines as the temperature can get extremely high and cause burns.

Coldwater pressure washers are a little easier to use. If you are looking for something for residential use, cold water will be a better choice for you. It will save you from any kind of risk while giving you perfectly cleaned targets.


These are the most basic features which you should consider, before purchasing any pressure washer. You can check other factors according to your personal choice and preference.

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