The Best Technology for Runners 2017

Technology has made leaps and bounds in many industries over the last few decades. It seems like everywhere I turn I see new technology being integrated into what used to be simple practices or fields. I am not complaining because these advances allow us to improve lives and can increase our performance in many ways.

The Best Running Tech Gear of 2017

The Best Running Tech of 2017

When it comes to running, technology is increasing in many ways. What used to be a basic sport with very little equipment has turned into a scientific study in some ways. If you are interested in trying out some of the new technology to improve your pace or endurance, or maybe just to feel cool, check out the list of items below.

Lumo Run

Lumo Run is different from other sensor based trackers that pair to your phone but still features all the necessities. The sensor gives you lab grade metrics from your run and is focused on your pelvis to track important details of your stride. Other great trackers include Fitbit and Nike+.

The best thing about Nike+ is that it is free, however it might not be as accurate as some of the sensor based trackers because it is relying solely on data from your phone.

Runners Watch

If you don’t like to bring your phone with you when you run and want to be able to see all your data and stats tracked in real time, I recommend getting a good running watch. Some nice options include the Epson RunSense SF-810, Suunto Ambit3 Vertical, Soleus Signature Series, and Garmin fenix3.

Watches for Runners

Most of these watches offer the same features but each one is geared towards different types of tracking and can offer some variety in the stats or the way that the sensor is designed. For example, if you are a vertical runner, you obviously want to opt for the Suunto Ambit3 Vertical.

High-Tech Sneakers

Skip the sensor and the watch by getting yourself a pair of high-tech running shoes. These sneakers are normally designed with the sensors built in. This might be the best way to go because the sensors can be integrated in multiple locations which will allow you to receive very specific data about your instep, stride, pace, and other factors that would only be able to be assumed otherwise.

The direct foot to pavement technology might be ideal. There are a number of shoes on the market today but some of the top choices are the Altra Running IQ Powered by iFit and the UnderArmour Speedform Gemini 2 Record Equipped. Do your own research to see what best fits your needs but if you are a serious runner these might change your whole approach.

Shoe Pod Sensor

This great technology can be attached to any sneaker. Head to Footlocker to purchase a new pair of running shoes and pick up the Ambiorun foot pod to keep track of all your stats. Similar to the smart sneakers, this is about as close as you can get to accurate data regarding your run. These pods pick up information like stride length, cadence, and strike type. πŸ™‚

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