SNAP GDPI Experience – What to Expect and How to Prepare for It

What is SNAP?

SNAP stands for Symbiosis National Aptitude Test. Nowadays, everyone is well aware of the famous Symbiosis International University. It has created such an impressive brand image that the students who are aspiring for MBA, they readily opt for Symbiosis.

What to Expect and How to Prepare for SNAP

SNAP GDPI Experience

The range and quality of education and ambience provided deserves appreciation but depending upon this, the level of difficulty of the examination is also very high.

SNAP GDPI Experience

This is actually the most difficult part of any job or recruitment. 90% of the candidates who appear for SNAP go through an extreme level of preparation in order to perform well.

To realize and cope up with the failure of not getting selected is difficult but if we consider the mental scenario of the people who are actually shortlisted, we realize that they go through a more intense state.

After the written examination, students have to go through a series of literal trouble to get into the university! The written examination is followed by 2 rounds- GD and PI, designed as to test the student’s confidence, communication skills, his/her ability to initiate or continue discussions and their ability to handle pressure.

After the declaration of results, those who qualify are called in for Group Discussion and Personal Interview and based on their performance in these rounds, they are admitted into the university.

Most of the people think that once a particular individual clears any written or online examination, the way ahead is easy for him or her. This is actually a misconception, often the shortlisted candidates face more difficult situations.

Post-written segments are most critical, this is because these segments are designed in such a way that the smartest of all the candidates will think twice before answering. This is the reason why in undergraduate courses the students are trained so that they can perform well in the interviews.

If we emphasize on the Group Discussion (GD) round, it can be concluded that it is a very dynamic portion where the pattern may be structured or unstructured. In some cases, it has been noticed that a whole group of candidates is canceled due the lack of knowledge as well as the lack of professionalism of only one candidate. This means that even the performance of a single candidate in the loop decides the fate of the rest in some cases.

What to Expect for GD?

Group Discussions can be nasty depending upon the topics. One should not expect that he or she will get a known or revised topic in the discussion because, in most of the cases, the topics which are being provided to the candidates is not a direct topic extracted from any newspaper or blog.

Nowadays, the trend is more towards adapting into case studies and else some group discussions also involve abstract topics which test the creativity and the thought process of the candidates.

Tips to crack GD:

Professionalism and diplomacy is the key to success. Group Discussions hold great importance in the further selection procedure, so it is important that the candidates pose an appropriate image in front of the judges.

  • Confidence:

Communication skills and the confidence level are the two majorly analyzed parameters in a group discussion. Shaky voice, incorrect body language can literally ruin one’s opportunity to crack the segment.

  • Courtesy:

Usually, people forget that the platform is being set for a group discussion, not for a debate. Due to that reason, people tend to interrupt other candidates, by not letting them speak. These actions are highly discouraged because, in this platform, a part of the professional ethics is also being checked.

  • Solution-oriented:

Most of the discussions end without a conclusion, this is because people tend not to agree with others’ point of view and this creates a mess within the group discussion. According to resources, the candidates are being negatively marked for creating a fuss.

  • Content:

Some people tend to emphasize on the same topic repeatedly, leading to paraphrasing. The panel of judges do understand the quality of content within the speech of the candidates and they are marked accordingly.

How to Prepare for the GD:

Preparation Tips for Group Discussion

One needs to be acquainted with the current affairs which is only possible when he or she has a habit of newspaper reading or following a blog. It is very important that the opinion of the candidate contains solid information in it and not just paraphrasing. Apart from this, one can watch video tutorials to develop his or her performance in the Group discussion.

The dilemma of an Interview Panel:

This is perhaps the most critical round of any selection procedure. It is a common feedback from the candidates that the interview panelists never give them a positive vibe. In short, the interview panel is made critical to test the skills of the candidate. A certain set of Do’s and Don’ts are explained below in details:

  • Optimism:

A positive vibe steals the show. This is the reason the candidate should begin with a warm greeting to express his confidence as well as his elation for the interview. Apart from this, the person’s body language should also speak of a positive aura. With proper formal attire and a gentle perfume, the candidate should be ready to face the challenge.

  • Being honest:

One should remember that the interviewers are more experienced than him or her, so it is not easy to fool them. In case the candidate does not know the answer to a particular question, he or she should accept that. This at least saves the person from negative impressions.

  • Being creative:

Most of the interview questions are twisted and tricky. One needs to think for a second in order to answer them. Creative answers are welcomed but one should not lie to the interviewers.

  • Being punctual:

Punctuality is always being noted by the panelists. A candidate who arrived late without proper documents is not recommended anywhere. Thus the candidates should reach the venue on time in order to avoid any discrepancies.

In case of selection for SNAP, people have revealed that the GDPI occurs in a properly oriented manner and it is ensured that the environment does not get too panicky for the candidate.

Words from the past:

Some successful candidates who have performed extremely well in the SNAP GDPI have shared their incredible experiences which will support lots of upcoming candidates for the same procedure. The successful candidates have revealed that in the GDPI segments, the facilitators take special care that the candidates should not get tensed.

Usually, a motivational video is shown to make their job easy and sometimes, with the end of the motivational video, the GD instructions are well clarified to the candidates who then appear for the discussion.

After the GD, the shortlisted candidates are being called for the PI. According to the feedback, the interview panelists are extremely humble and generous. The pattern of questions reveals that the organization demands clarity of thought as well as creativity from the candidates. It is always better to carry a blank paper and pen because, in case of a blank paper challenge or pictorial representation, these small resources are extremely helpful.

In a nutshell, it can be said that the organizers of the GDPI segment put in a lot of efforts to make the candidates comfortable and the proceedings are usually smooth. The candidates need to do a proper preparation from their side and their intent should be clear. If all these factors are ensured properly then achieving success is much easier.

We hope the tricks and tips help you create a positive impact and you achieve what you aspire! 🙂

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