Smart Home Trends to Watch Out for In 2019

We all know about smartphones, but homes are increasingly becoming ‘smarthomes’. The increasing presence of technology in our homes is making our homes them comfortable and hitech, and has meant technology today has increasingly become ‘part of the furniture’, so to speak.

Smart Home Trends to Watch Out

Whether we are discussing security devices, or gadgets that make our life more comfortable, technology has changed the way in which we live, and in 2019 there are a number of smart home trends which promise to revolutionize our homes. Our friends from Real IT have gathered some of the most exciting below:

1] The Internet of things:

The Internet of things refers to a network that connects with various devices and sensors in our homes. The advantage of such an interface is that you can control your devices remotely.

Whether you’re looking to control your fridge settings, or your light switches, you can control them through your smartphone. In the year 2019, the Internet of things will continue to expand. There are already a number of gadgets that offer such functionality, and some of these include:

  • Smart refrigerators.
  • Washing machines.
  • Heating systems.

Increasingly, modern gadgets can connect to a wireless network, and then you can control them remotely.

This means that your home can be much more personalised to your needs: for example, on returning from holiday you can set your thermostat on the journey home, meaning that you will not return to a chilly house.

2] Voice control:

Voice-based assistants are becoming more and more popular. Google home, as well as Amazon Echo, are dominating the voice assistant market. In the year 2019, the assumption is that they will continue to grow.

The voice-based control allows you to control various appliances as well as functions of your home with a simple voice command. The range of compatible gadgets and appliances surely expand, and voice controlled systems are certain to become much more normalised over the coming decades.

3] Smart bathrooms:

Technology has not yet touched our bathrooms. In the year 2019, however, all of that will change.

These days, there are various bathroom appliances which are incorporating smart technologies. Some of the bathroom appliances and fixtures which will revolutionize our bathrooms in 2019 include:

  • Customized bidets.
  • Smart toilets.
  • Motion activated lighting.
  • Heated floors.
  • Showers with voice control.

Bathroom appliances are going to feature highly in the top smart home trends of 2019.

Smart Home Trends to Watch

4] The Use of AI:

AI, or Artificial Intelligence is evolving at a rapid pace. More and more people are experiencing it through their smartphones or robots. In the year 2019, robots using AI will gain entry into our homes. cleaning robots as well as temperature-control robots are sure to become prominent in the year 2019, which will allow you to control your home appliances easily and accurately, and may even liberate some of us from some of our household chores!

AI cleaning robots are improving quickly, and, though they may not yet be able to cook your dinner, one job that they can already do reliably is vacuum the floor. Their repertoire will surely expand over the coming years.

5] Technology and design

One of the drawbacks of technology up until now is that most of the gadgets and robots stick out like a sore thumb: they do not exactly scream stylish interior decor.

In 2019, the devices will become less intrusive and more elegant, much more in keeping with the a la mode home we all want.

This is because designers are interior decorators are starting to take notice of smart home trends, and are designer beautiful appliances that can be integrated with your other pieces.

Thus, one of the most prominent smart home trends of 2019 will be visually pleasing gadgets and appliances that don’t look like a prop from 2001: A Space Odyssey!

So, if you’re looking to capitalize on some of the smart home trends of 2019, these are the five which you should keep in your mind. These will help you to not only make your home more modern and comfortable, but also more stylish.

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