Samsung Galaxy S24: Are the AI Features Worth it?

If you’ve been following the latest AI trends, you’ve probably heard about generative AI, especially since apps like Midjourney and DALL-E have been available to the public for quite some time.

What you may not know is that Samsung is including several AI (“Advanced Intelligence”) features in the Galaxy S24 line of phones, which includes the Plus and Ultra.

New Google AI features coming to Samsung Galaxy S24

People have been praising the S24’s AI features for a while, even before the phones came out. Now that people have had time to test them out for a while, the only question is whether or not these features live up to the hype.

Circle to Search

This AI feature is one of the most useful, and will hopefully be something that can be included in all phones in the future. This feature will run a Google search on anything you see on your screen after you circle it with your finger (or S pen).

No matter what app you’re using, you can engage the Circle to Search by holding down the home button or long pressing the bottom bar, and then draw a circle around the item you want to search for. Both image and web page results will pop up on your current screen as an overlay so you can scroll through them without leaving your current app.

You can also use Circle to Search with your camera. Say you’re at a friend’s house and you see something sitting on a shelf that you find interesting. You can point the camera at the item and then invoke Circle to Search to learn more about the item and even find out where to buy one of your own.

Generative wallpaper pictures

It’s always fun to have beautiful wallpaper, but with the S24, you can make your own. By making a few simple keyword selections, like “abstract,” “gold,” “beach,” and “clouds,” you can generate your own unique wallpaper for your phone. You’ll get a few options to choose from and you can also change the inputs to alter the image results.

Photo ambient wallpaper

This feature is super cool, and it’s one of the most fun additions to the S24 lineup. When you enable this feature, you’ll be able to add a weather report to your wallpaper background image and it will display the day, date, time, and weather predictions for the next few hours.

What makes this fun is the fact that if it’s snowing, you’ll see snow coming down on the screen, but since it’s using AI, the snow will appear to fall on top of your background subject as if it’s part of the image. For instance, if you have a person standing as your wallpaper, the snow will fall onto their shoulders. The same happens with rain.

Live translate

If you’re talking to someone who doesn’t speak your language, Live Translate will translate both sides of the conversation to any one of 13 languages. In the beginning, you can send a message to the person to let them know you’re going to be translating the call.

From there, all you have to do is speak your message and send it, and the app will translate it quickly, speaking it to the recipient in the target language. When they respond, it will be translated back to you in your chosen language.

Voice isolation

Other people may not be able to cancel their own background noise on a phone call, but you can cancel it for them (at least on your end) if you have an S24. This makes the S24 great for conference calls and other business calls when people are in noisy environments.

Writing assist

As a step up from basic grammar and spelling checks, anytime you type out a text message, you can use this built-in AI feature to get suggestions on how to word your message better. For example, it can give you suggestions to make it more or less formal, and find different ways to word things if you get stuck.

Samsung Galaxy S24 AI is definitely worth it

If you’re still on the fence about getting the S24 for the AI features, it’s worth it. But before you go out and buy one, make sure you get a protective case to keep your investment safe from drops and shocks. Accidents do happen, and a rugged case will make a huge difference.

The phone itself is already amazing, but the AI features make it even better. This is truly one of Samsung’s best releases yet, and if you’re looking at all your options, the S24 lineup is worth putting at the top of your list.

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