Sagoon Mobile App – Full Review [Connect, Share, Earn]

Connect. Share. Earn. The tagline aptly describes this latest app which is revolutionizing the social media as we speak. Sagoon started off as a search engine in 2009. It was revamped and launched in 2014-15 as a social e-commerce site. Sagoon App makes the most of the fact that most dealings and interactions are taking place online these days.

Sagoon – Connect. Share. Earn – Android App

Sagoon App Review

It has combined two of the major obsessions, social media and e-commerce together to provide a unique site. Here you can earn while you spend time catching up with your family and friends. Sagoon truly helps you connect and share your life while you earn!

How is Sagoon different from other apps?

Social media has made it convenient for us to catch up with our family and friends. Now, distance no longer matters as, through various apps, you can connect with people, share photos and stories as well video chat. However, there is still a disagreement as to which is the best app to do the same.

Online shopping portals too have made life simple for us. Now, shop from the comforts of your home without wasting time, money and other resources. However, you do miss the joy of shopping with friends. Though websites offer stuff at amazing discounts, you are never sure whether you got the best deal or not.

Digital marketing makes use of the continuing obsession with the internet. Most marketing campaigns are centered on social media (SMM) and search engines (SEM). Sagoon has made use of these factors to provide a site which offers the best of both these worlds. Here you can socialize with your family and friends as well as buy and gift stuff too. What’s more, you earn every time you make a purchase!

Why opt for Sagoon?

Sagoon combines the best of both social and commercial media. Some salient features present in the app which make it unique and different are:

Sagoon – Connect. Share. Earn

1) My Day

This is an organizer, calendar, appointment scheduler, timetable, reminder and weather monitor all rolled into one. What’s more, it helps make your day organized at office and home, offering productivity! You can share your daily activities with your loved ones, which can also help plan activities together.

2) Mood Talk

Chatting takes a new turn with Sagoon’s Mood Talk. You can display your mood with stickers and can group chat with friends, share files as well use friend finder to help share your thoughts.

Your moods are conveyed to your contacts through an SMS which is a great way to reconnect especially when feeling low. This helps in bridging the gap which is extremely important at a time when it is easy getting alienated in your own city.

3) Secret Sharing

Offering unconditional anonymity, Sagoon offers you a platform to share your stories using images and up to 220 characters. Express your thoughts, ideas, and experiences as well as seek advice from family, friends, and public using this feature. Your privacy is kept in mind while doing this.

4) Social Smart Card

Every user gets this card when they register with Sagoon. This is used to purchase stuff online as well as send gifts. What’s distinctive is that you get an assured 5% cashback with every purchase (online or at physical retail outlets). This is Sagoon’s way of spreading joy. The sender and receiver both benefit with this feature.

Sagoon offers to revolutionize the world in a way by combining two of the most important aspects of the internet. Bringing the best of e-commerce and social media on one platform, it helps connect in a new way.

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