A Page Owner’s Guide To Social Media Analytics

Almost all companies are using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to their advantage.

Even those who are just starting up use social media marketing to gain ground on the industries they are venturing into. While this is a good start for unparalleled success, understanding what other techniques work means having to make use of social media analytics first.

Guide To Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics is an overview of the valuable numbers behind a social media marketing campaign or stint. This is the guaranteed way of measuring the success of a post or a video as companies will immediately see the number of netizens that viewed, liked or shared the post.

Compared to a simple overview of the reactions made on a post, social media analytics makes use of several measurements to find the definite value. Here are some of the measurements that companies should keep a close eye on.

  • Engagement – A broad measure of the number of times a post is engaged with. This includes clicking a post, liking a post, sharing a post and many more. This is crucial data as it gives us a look at how much people interacted with the social media post.
  • Page Likes/Followers – This is another critical unit of measurement as it gives us a look at the number of people that are already well-acquainted with the brand. Of course, not every customer of a particular company likes their page on social media platforms. What this gives us though is an estimate of the number of supporters of a company.
  • Page Views – Separate from likes or shares, page views are the number of times users checked out a page or profile on a platform. This does help companies understand what areas they need to improve on if they want to get more attention.
  • Post Reach – This is one of the most critical measurements in analytics. Post reach is the number of people who saw any post from a company’s page appear on their screens. Whether it be through an ad or a shared post by a friend, this is a broad measurement of how far a post has come.

What To Do With The Data?

As with most analytical data, the results gathered from a social media analytics platform can be used to enhance the visibility and reputation of a company online.

Companies will see which of their posts are effective and what areas they need improving on. In hindsight, what it does is that it dramatically enhances the potential of current and future social media marketing campaigns.

Depending on what platform is being used, each social media analytics tool comes with its own set of unique features that distinguish it from other brands. One of the top solutions in this industry is NetBase, which is also dubbed as the leader in social analytics. Aside from its analytical tools, it also packs its solution with other useful features.

What makes NetBase standout is its patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that delivers unparalleled automated analysis on human users.

Unlike most AI engines, the one found in NetBase’ solution is geared towards not only understanding the words it sees, but it also aims at finding out what emotions the user is trying to convey. This allows for a deeper understanding of a user’s activity on social media, even if the one doing the work is an AI engine.

These tools are changing the way companies use social media platforms. By using solutions such as NetBase’s social media analytics, companies can propel themselves to new heights. When it comes to standing out, all companies need to use every tool at their disposal.

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