10 Online Resources to Use to Stay Healthy and More Productive During the Whole Admissions and Application Process

Admissions and applications time is an overwhelming period for students and it is easy to lose yourself. Staying healthy during this time becomes even more of a challenge. Completing a statement of purpose for MBA freshers is not easy.

Online Resources for College Students

You can often find yourself feeling like you are not doing anything, even if you are busy. Being productive and getting the job done is almost impossible if you are overworked. It is all about finding the right balance.

Students have a lot on their plates. It seems like admissions start as soon a final exams are over. There just isn’t enough time to relax. You can still be healthy and productive during this period if you have the right tools.

We have carefully selected some of the best resources to get you through this stressful time. Every student should have a set of resources they can use on a regular basis. This will make your life a lot easier.

1] Todoist

This task manager is going to come in very handy when you have a ton of tasks to complete. Don’t trust your memory when you are overwhelmed. When using an app to list what you need to do, it is important that you use a reliable one. You don’t want to miss an important deadline. It’s easy to organize your ideas on this tool and it is one of the most effective organizing tools out there.

2] Sleep Cycle

Nothing is more important during this time than getting enough sleep. You simply cannot perform at your best when you don’t sleep sufficiently. Many students try and pull all-nighters, but it only ends up in disaster. You become so exhausted that your brain just cannot function. This tool helps monitors the amount of sleep you get a night. There are motion detectors to monitor your sleep cycles.

3] Rescue Time

We spend way too much time browsing the internet for no apparent reason. You just start with one link and you end up wasting 4 hours. It’s so easy to do this because our brains recognizes it as enjoyment. No one wants to start working when they are having fun.

This app can actually let you know how much of time you have wasted on the internet. You can use this information as a motivator. No one enjoys seeing they’ve just spent 4 hours on the internet doing nothing but waste their own time.

4] Unstuck

This app is such a favorite amongst students and professionals alike. Sometimes you want to work, but your brain just does not want to. You may want to write your statement of purpose for scholarship but no ideas come to mind.

This is usually when you need this tool. It asks you a few questions to determine exactly why you feel this way. This then allows you to get to the root of the cause and eliminate the problem.

5] Daily Water

We all know that we should be drinking a specific amount of water per day. The thing is, when we get busy, it is so easy to forget.

Being dehydrated is definitely not any fun, so it is important to drink your 8 glasses of water. This app is going to remind you to drink up when you have been too overwhelmed to even think about it.

6] Noisly

Music affects all of us differently. Some people cannot start a study session without music. If you are one of these students, you might want to consider Noisly. The sounds have been scientifically selected to boost your brain power.

You can choose anything from wood burning to a roaring thunderstorm. We all have different ways of working and having a few options available is always a plus.

7] StudyBlue

Interacting with other students are very important during this time. One can go onto social media and have meaningless conversations, but if you need advice on a sop for student visa, this is your site. It’s more than just a place to collaborate with other like minded people. You can also use it after this period when you start with your studies.

8] Schooltraq

We lose focus when we are overwhelmed. This tool is going to help you become more organized and thus be more productive. You can sync your calendar and your phone without much effort. It’s a great tool and very helpful when you are busy with a lot of different processes.

9] PocketCast

Motivation is a big part of being productive. Just listening to something motivating can immediately give you the boost you need to get going. This app offers a ton of podcasts you can listen to. Take regular breaks when you are busy with admissions and applications.

Your brain can only process a certain amount of items at a time. In order for you to prevent burn out, you can use this tool to listen to podcasts during your breaks.

10] My Fitness Pal

If you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while being busy, this app is going to help you do it. You can log everything you ate for the day on this app to monitor your calories.

This app can also be used to befriend others as well as load your workouts. It’s a one stop fitness tool and every student should use it to stay on top of their health.

How are you coping with the admissions and applications process?

Don’t beat yourself up when you feel tired or stressed during this time. Simply take a break and come back refreshed. Use a work vs break balance that works for you. There are unfortunately no shortcuts in this process, but these tools should make it a little easier to manage.

Stick to your goals and don’t give up. Every student have to go through this period of endless applications. If you want it bad enough, you will achieve it.

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