How Can Online Poker Help Enhance Technology?

An article by Technology Review argued that poker was good for developing AI (artificial intelligence) due to the fact the poker player has to deal with imperfect information. Indeed, playing poker uses both strategy and the luck of the draw, while also having to anticipate the moves of your opponents and not let on what you might do next.

Best Ways Online Poker Help to Enhance Technology

Online Poker Help Enhance Technology

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As such, playing poker can enhance AI operating systems in order to problem solve other situations with imperfect information. While functional AI is a long way off in giving back to poker, how could online poker help develop technology for the future?

Live Modes

The live aspects of a casino can now be replicated in online poker through stylised websites, in-game content, tense music, and now, through the use of live dealers. Live technology has still not reached its peak, and there is still development to be done.

By trialling how live poker utilises human dealers in real time to replicate the tension of gameplay, live technology can iron out any issues before it is rolled out for more uses. While online live playing exists, this technology can be developed in order to practice using live tournaments with dealers, players, and spectators.

By harnessing the current aspects of live-delaer technology and enhancing them, the future of live technology can be improved.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the next step towards the use of technology to make things easier – allowing surgeons to be trained remotely, helping astronauts to prepare for landing on Mars or transporting users at the heart of faraway musems. While online poker doesn’t currently have a VR aspect, the growing commercialisation of Oculus Rift and the rollout of VR technology (there is even VR exercise equipment) lends itself to using online poker to test out whether or not VR technology can be used for events and scenarios where multiple people need to experience the same output at the same time.

With each player affecting their own field of vision, and also the field of vision of the entire playing party, VR technology will need to be adapted in order to be changed by multiple different VR users. Online poker can effectively help test this out.

Virtual Reality

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Bitcoin Pay Outs

The future of money looks to be Bitcoin – a cryptocurrency that forgoes the need for any third-party financial organisation, and therefore is arguably much safer and quicker to use. While Japan and Germany recognise Bitcoin as actual legal tender currency, there are still some ways to go before it becomes the mainstream alternative to cash.

By testing bitcoin payouts out with online poker, through a mode that would suit the cryptocurrency, developers can ensure that they have ironed out the creases before the currency goes mainstream. Online poker is the perfect platform in order to test out large-scale and multiple transactions.

Online poker can actually be extremely lucrative for high-tech industries in terms of trialling smaller scales of the new enhancements, while the technology will also help ensure online poker remains on trend and appeals to millennials. 🙂

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