3 Simplest Things to Improve Content on Your Blog

Writing content isn’t easy, people just think it is. It sounds simple enough, write a great article and people will read it, share it and maybe you’ll get some traction out of the article you slaved over for an hour. Content writers, journalists and anyone who slams their fists on a keyboard for a living think that people read articles all the time, they don’t, they skim.

How to Improve Content On Your Blog

Improve Content on Your Blog

It’s hard to make someone digest and really absorb the written word, so here are 3 simple steps to make that article addictively good.

See what I did there? In the last sentence? Before this one?

Most people reading this article noticed the word ‘addictively’ first, because it was in italics and bolded. Then they probably read the last sentence because it was on its own and had too many question marks not to be interesting.

Formatting is your friend, a lot of writers don’t seem to realise that they can use it to make articles pop a bit more. It can be as simple as letting a statement breathe by having it on its own surrounded by space. Write a great sentence that sums up your point stands out. Use formatting to effectively trick users into reading.

Subheadings are incredibly important

So subheadings are pretty important, not incredibly. However, a few readers make have skipped over this paragraph had I not put the emphasis on how important subheadings are. Subheadings break up the text so that readers can happily skim read, so that they get the general ‘gist’ of the article. This lets them make an informed decision as to whether they are going to read the full article.

Subheadings are incredibly important

The 80/20 rule works in content marketing too, most of your readers are going to bounce immediately, some will browse but only a few will stay and read your article in its entirety. Good subheadings will sum up a paragraph in a few words, and still make it sound like something you would want to read.

‘Write drunk, edit sober’ – Ernest Hemingway

To write good articles, you have to really love writing. Writing can be a chore for the most passionate writers at times but even then, the feeling of satisfaction after finishing a great piece of writing is what most writers live for. To engage with your audience you have to be interested and passionate about your subjects, even if your subject matter is incredibly boring, just structuring and wording the article can be enjoyable to a good writer.

So write with enthusiasm, as enthusiasm is infectious and will make readers want to read more of your work, comment on your article or even share it. Just remember to edit, edit, edit. You may think that your article about air conditioning repair is amazing but others may not. Re-read your articles as if it was a stranger and you’ll soon see the holes.

Never assume writing is going to be easy and remember that a good article won’t receive a lot of praise if nobody reads it! For more marketing, content and web development tips check out website builder Webeden. If you feel like your articles have got all the vital ingredients but they still aren’t hitting the spot, try these tips out and watch your popularity sore. 🙂

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