How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Florida

Whether you’re looking to change careers or start a side hustle, becoming a real estate agent is a great way to go. It’s a relatively simple process in the state of Florida and is the perfect opportunity for someone who appreciates the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Plus, you can set your own hours, work for a brokerage firm, or run the show by yourself if you intend to become a broker. The best part is that you can get your Florida real estate license online, allowing more flexibility with your schedule.

Become A Real Estate Agent In Florida

If you want to become a real estate agent in Florida, keep on reading.

Complete FREC-Approved Course

In the state of Florida, anyone who wants to practice real estate must first take a FREC (Florida Real Estate Commission)-approved course.

It’s a total of 63 hours which will happen before taking your licensing test. The course is valid for two years and can be completed online which makes it convenient for any busy schedule.

Pass The Course Exam

Once you complete the course, you’ll have to take a final exam. This is not the same as the licensing exam. This is to show that you’ve completed the course and have retained the necessary information from it. At the end of the exam, you’ll receive a certification of completion for the course.

Application and Finger Prints

Immediately following the course, you’ll need to submit an application, fingerprints, and an application fee of $87.35 to the state of Florida.

Fingerprints can easily be done through any LiveScan Service provider. The cost is anywhere from $50 to $80 depending on the location you choose. Fingerprints are only valid for up to 180 days.

Take State Licensing Exam

Once the state receives and approves your application, you’ll receive an authorized letter from PearsonVUE saying you can now sign up to take the exam. You’ll need to register for a date to take the State Real Estate Sales Associate Examination through the Florida Division of Real Estate (DRE).

Passing The Exam

The state licensing exam is always taken in-person through one of the testing centers. It’s usually about 100 questions total combining areas of real estate law, principles of real estate, and real estate mathematics. The state allots 3 and a half hours to complete the entire test. You’ll need to receive a C (75 points) or higher to pass.

Complete a Background Check

All real estate professionals will need to complete a full background check before being able to activate their license. This must be done through the FDL (Florida Department of Law Enforcement).

Activate Your License

The last step before being able to conduct business as a real estate agent in Florida is to complete the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) RE 11-Become Active-Sales Associate Form. Once this is complete, you can now begin working for a brokerage.

Things To Keep In Mind

While it might seem like a complicated process at first, becoming a real estate agent in Florida does require regular management. There are a few things you’ll want to note before moving forward with your new career.

  • Becoming an agent means you’ll have to work under a broker in Florida for at least 24 months after being licensed.
  • Before the two-year mark, you’ll need to complete a FREC-approved post-licensing 45-hour sales associate course before your initial course expires.
  • Don’t expect to make money within the first few weeks. As an agent, you’re making commissions for every house you close on. A percentage of your commissions will then have to be paid to the broker.
  • As a real estate agent, you’ll need to have a lot of self-discipline and be ready to put in the hard work. It’s not easy to build your reputation when you’re first starting. It’s best to ensure you have enough financial savings before you venture into this career.

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