How to Automate Your Small Business

Technology has conquered the business sector as well. Automation is being considered as a good option for saving time and increasing profit levels.

Ways to Automate Your Business and Boost Efficiency

Every business has its own set of responsibilities and mistakes are bound to happen while performing them. To overcome these limitations we are here to help you find the suitable tools for every task.

Email Manager

Email Marketing helps you to keep in touch with existing customers. Sending repeated promotional emails to random leads will lead them to junk. You need to create different types of email campaigns to target the different set of customers. There are plenty of email hosting services out there that can help you get your business out there.

MailChimp makes mail marketing campaigns easier and better. You can create unique emails and send them to the right people at the right time and convert them into customers.

It also has the feature of tracking the performance of the campaigns.

Stop wasting your time in cleaning your mailbox instead, let SaneBox do the work. SaneBox uses Priority filtering to sort important emails and gets rid of the unimportant ones. It also sends reminders for the emails you did not reply and you can also postpone emails. The more you use it, the better it gets.

Social Media Manager

Social Media is known as one of the best marketing platforms for every kind of business. Now just creating accounts on different social media platforms is not enough, active presence is also required. Creating posts, uploading at the right time, commenting, etc etc, all these tasks are very time-consuming.

So to avoid spending the whole day on social media start using HootSuite, one of the best known social media tools.

Hootsuite brings together all the social media platforms at one place.  It makes working as a team easier. Teams can work together within a secure environment, different tasks can be easily assigned to different members.

You can also check detailed reports and analytics of each and every account. When you are out of content it helps you with some recommendations that you can use to create good posts.

Buffer is another social media management platform that seamlessly schedules so that your posts reach the followers at the right time. It also has an analytics feature which uses the number of likes,  retweet shares, subscribes, comments to measure the performance of each post on social media.

Customer Service Automation

In 2018 customer service is something that you cannot take lightly. As the business grows managing customers services also becomes difficult, no worries Zendesk comes to the rescue, it is one of the most popular helpdesk solutions. It is ideal for every kind of business as it provides various plans.

It is a comprehensive suite of features that help to make your relationship with the customers better, starting from help center, knowledge base, and customer portal. It organizes workflows and processes and tracking of customer engagement.

Order Management App

It gets difficult to manage too many apps, which is why you need to use EMERGE App, which has a complete inventory management suite of features taking care of everything from inventory to accounting to online and offline multi-channel sales.

Remove manual inventory limitations like inefficiency and errors by incorporating this software. Best thing is it’s easy to use and suitable for every kind of business including drop shipping business.  You can also apply privacy settings to different parts of the application.

Two in one – Team Management and Invoicing

Harvest is an excellent cloud-based application that primarily focuses on team and project management, and other than that it also does expense management.

You can easily make your team track work hours by making them log the number of hours they worked for the week into a timesheet all at once, or there is another way i.e. by starting a timer from their desktop, phone, or browser they can track time.

For retainer clients, you can automatically send recurring invoices on scheduled dates. It also has reminder feature that reminders to the user and the clients. The user is sent reminders to avoid late payments and clients are sent outstanding balance reminders.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management System

Giving out payment to employees is another hectic task which you need to be freed of to focus on important aspects. Gusto is a simplified and inexpensive automatic payroll software.

All you need to do is invite employees by email and feed Gusto with important information like name, Employee Identification Number (EIN), business type, etc.  And after that, it automatically calculates and pays payroll taxes.

Last few words!

Automation helps to increase efficiency, save time, reduce errors and thus in turn increase profit. We have mentioned the best software present in the market for every sector of your business. You may not require all the mentioned applications, as every business has its own set of its needs.

Try to use all the tools at least once, so that you can choose and invest in the best ones. Give time to the apps and make the best out of them.

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