Have a Strategy When Changing Your Web Hotel

Moving to a different web hotel is in some ways comparable to moving in real life. You have to plan it carefully, it can be filled with obstacles, and it is a big decision. Therefore, it is a very good idea to have a strategy when doing so. Here, Searchmind tells you why.

Strategy When Changing Your Web Hotel

Also, the reasons for moving to a different web hotel can also be compared to the reasons for choosing a different place to live. Maybe you need more space, maybe it has to be more modern, maybe you need more space in your budget, or maybe there are just some things that you simply don’t like about the currently place that you are staying in.

The last comparison you will get, for now, at least, is that you don’t change your name when moving to a new house, you only change the name on the mailbox. The same, basically, applies when changing web hotel.

You cannot say in general what the advantages will be by changing web hotel because that will depend on the individual website. But, if you can answer the following questions, you might already get an idea what would be in it for you.

  • What do I have today and what can I get in the new system?
  • Which functions in my current system can I live without?
  • Which functions do I miss in my current system?
  • Which expectations do I have to a provider or partner? Are they fulfilled in the new system?

When you have thought about these questions – and, probably, a lot more – hopefully, you have a good idea about your needs. Usually, your website can be build op better at the perfect supplier together with a better customer experience for your clients.

Be aware, that this takes a lot of planning. You have to be aware of the following points in order to make your website transition as smooth and succesfull as possible.

  • The importance of a backup
    When your website are moving to a new web hotel it is obviously of great importance that as much as possible stay intact. Therefore, it is necessary to make a back up of all the files that you want to keep on the new web hotel.
  • DNS and domain name
    You can have a DNS (Digital Name System) server make sure, during the transition to another web hotel, that your domain name points to the new hotel.
  • Everything has to be working
    When the new website is up and running at the new web hotel, you need to thoroughly make sure that every think works the way it should. Some providers offer a developers platform in which you can go through the website environment so that you can identify any lacks or mistakes before your clients do.
  • Control before switching
    Always double check. Not before you have made sure that everything works the way it should, you can close down at your old provider.

There are many steps to go through but it will, surely, be worth it in the end.

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