A New Way to Fly Drones: Gesture Control Changes Your Flight Experience

There is no getting away from it, you can look a bit weird and even seem to have the β€œforce” bestowed upon a Jedi Knight when you first use gesture control to operate your drone, but it will definitely enhance your flight experience.

Use Gesture Control to Operate Your Drone and Enhance Your Flight Experience

Gesture Control Changes Your Flight Experience

Gesture control is rapidly gaining in popularity and being able to control your drone using hand movements is not only a lot of fun but it does give you an added element of control that you would not otherwise have that easily.

A bright future for gesture recognition

You only have to search a site like Dronethusiast.com to see that there is already a dazzling array of drones available with loads of cool features to take advantage of and you can add gesture control to that list.

Gesture recognition is a technology that is having a serious impact on a number of industries and the applications for it are almost limitless.

You can unlock a device with gesture control, perform functions like changing a radio station more safely in your car, and you can now also fly a drone using this technology.

As the efficiency of this technology has evolved it has given manufacturers the confidence to produce gadgets and add features that use gesture control, so how will it improve your drone experience?

Taking a picture with your drone

Humans use a lot of gestures to communicate with each other but now you can also use some instantly recognizable gestures to tell your drone what to do, including taking a picture.

The DJI Spark is one example of a quadcopter that is considered easy to use and that includes putting it into gesture mode and launching it from the palm of your hand.

Gesture Control Changes Your Flight Experience

To the casual observer who is unaware that your drone has a gesture-control feature it might appear that you have acquired the mystical powers of a Jedi as the device responds to your waving hand.

In addition to sending the drone in various directions, forming a portrait gesture with your hands will tell it to take a picture. Being able to interpret your hand motions as commands takes your degree of control to a level beyond operating a joystick and we are really only at the start of a journey of discovery in terms of what gesture control might able to offer.

Making it easier

Aside from the obvious fact that many of us will probably be fascinated by the idea of controlling a device using hand gestures it might also prove a good selling point for someone who wants to get into drone flying as a hobby but is worried about their control skills.

If you can command your device with a few easy hand gestures it could provide you with the confidence you need to explore the skies and see where your new hobby takes you.

This new way to control and fly drones certainly has plenty of enthusiasts excited. πŸ™‚

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