Cool WordPress Theme For Your Websites

A website theme is the face of a website; like an interface, it let users interact with codes to perform different tasks on a website. The website theme is the only visible parts of your website, only a web developer can see the codes behind it.

WordPress Theme For Your Websites

A website theme should be attractive at first sight, the saying “the first impression last longer” for visitors visiting a website for the first time is true, if they like what they see, they will be more interested in your website and what you have to offer. If they don’t, they won’t even bother about checking other pages or whether you have something they might be interested in.

A good website theme should be pleasing to the eyes, optimized for speed and responsive to various screen devices and resolutions. Designing a standard theme requires deep knowledge in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language; for setting up a webpage structure), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet; for adding color, layout and style to web pages) and JavaScript (for dynamic functions on web pages), and a good theme designer should also have graphic design skill i.e. should know how to combine colors, shapes, pictures, and typography when designing a website theme.

Not having adequate skill is the reason why people sort for external source to get a website theme, there are various sources one can get themes for websites; a professional designer can be paid to get a theme designed, free and premium themes can be found using search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. or on themes marketplace like


Themeplanet is an upcoming website theme marketing company, it is a marketplace to find amazing website themes for HTML websites and popular CMS websites. Themeplanet will be providing HTML5 website templates, and themes for WordPress, Magento, Shopify, etc.


Themeplanet’s themes are not only aesthetically designed but are also designed for speed optimization and cross-browser/device compatibility. In simple terms; themes from Themeplanet are designed to deliver a great user experience to website users.

As a display of good will and typical quality of themes you will be getting on the marketplace, Themeplanet is offering free three WordPress themes that are packed with amazing features as described below:


If your business is in the fashion niche and you are looking for a perfect way to present it, then Fashionist is the ideal theme you should use to set up a WordPress website. Fashionist is a clean, fully responsive and optimized WordPress theme, you can integrate it with Woocommerce plugin to get the best of its performance.


Fashionist comes with Visual Composer drag and drop page builder, Mega Menu Builder, and other tools for easy customizations, it has a homepage full-width slider to display your handpicked irresistible fashion products.


Plumber theme works great for WordPress websites relating to physical trades such as plumber, electrician, carpenter, Construction Company, etc. It has fresh look and feel, can be integrated with Woocommerce and also support MailChimp. Plumber comes with KingComposer drag and drop page builder for easy customization.


Prometium is the ideal WordPress theme for tech and software companies, its modern feel makes it suitable for presenting technological related project and information.

Prometium features various pages pre-designed for you to make use of; homepage, about page, our service page, project and project grid pages, blog listing and blog post pages, and contact page. Prometium is responsive, has a slider for the homepage and comes with Visual Composer drag and drop page builder for customization.

Each theme comes with demo data and documentation, all you have to do to get these themes is submit your email at Themeplanet.

Themeplanet is also recruiting professional theme designers. If you are interested, visit Themeplanet homepage and scroll down to the bottom of the bottom of the page, click the “Sign Up Now” button below the “Become a Designer” inscription and fill in your details.

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