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For many people it is a habit to visit the multiplexes often for watching a movie. Apart from these frequent movie buffs, there are some other people as well. They watch movies occasionally, especially when the movie features an interesting trailer. So, more or less we are movie lovers, though different people have interests on different genre of movies.

Online Movie Tickets Offers & Coupons

Online Movie Ticket Booking Offer

Some people love soft romantic comedy movies, some people love thriller and some people are fond of horror movies. Previously, it was quite a pain to book movie tickets. You had to stand on the long queue before the ticket counter. But, things have changed drastically nowadays and we should thank modern technology for that.

Booking movie tickets is easy as well as convenient these days with various movie ticket booking applications. For example, we have applications like BookMyShow, Justicket, etc. having a Smartphone and an internet connection of the device would be enough to book a movie ticket with ease through these applications.

You need to install the apps on your device, and then open app to check the latest movies at your nearest multiplexes or theatre halls. You need to choose a show according to your suitability. Thereafter, you need to book your show by processing payment online. Here is a guide to the best apps for booking movie tickets:


This is one of the most popular applications for booking movie tickets online. Among many other applications, BookMyShow has clinched excellent reputation as one of the best as well as oldest applications for booking movie tickets with ease from anywhere you want. First you need to install the app on your system.

Just download the app and it will be installed automatically to your Smartphone device. Now, open app and enter your location or city. You can find information about different movie halls and multiplexes on the app. You have the option to purchase movie tickets from anywhere easily.

BookMyShow Ticket Booking Online

Movie tickets have become quite expensive these days. However, there is nothing to worry if you have chosen BookMyShow for booking movie tickets. All you need is to find some BookMyShow Coupons to avail excellent discounts over the tickets. This app is user-friendly, reliable and simple to use for booking tickets online with ease.


Ticketnew is another popular application for online movie ticket booking. It comes with many interesting features so that booking ticket for movies can be convenient as well as seamless experience. To aid the buyers, this application offers excellent cash back offers and flat discounts over movie tickets. You need to find Ticketnew Coupons for that purpose.


Paytm is one of the finest and highly user-friendly applications for the purpose of booking movie tickets. You can check ratings and reviews on the latest movies. You can check upcoming releases and you can find the movie halls of your town featuring your favorite movies.

To avail tickets at the best prices, you need to opt for Paytm Coupons. Apply the coupon codes and get tickets at discounted rates with ease. 🙂

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