4 Attributes You Should Expect from a Cloud Hosting Service Provider

Cloud Hosting has its own set of benefits such as high reliability and massive scalability. But when it comes to choosing a Cloud Hosting service provider, you should do a thorough evaluation of all the features and services they have to offer. the features that we will discuss in this post will help you enhance the overall performance and efficiency of your website.

Cloud Server Hosting

1] Data Mirroring:

Disasters can happen at any point. Apart from high performance and speed, your Cloud Hosting service provider should also ensure your data is safe and secure. Moreover, data loss may also happen without any disaster or hardware failure.

For instance, if your website is sabotaged by internal or external factors or if the latest build turns out to be incompatible with the rest of your website then you lose data.

Your Cloud Hosting service provider should take care of data mirroring so that you have enough backup to restore in case of a dire situation. Data mirroring is basically when all data is replicated across three separate devices , across multiple drives and cabinets to avoid failure.

So in case one drive fails, the data can always be restored from the other drives. This is a great way to safeguard the data.

2] Caching:

Having a fast website is not only important from an SEO standpoint, it is also important for ensuring your website provides the best experience to users.

Nobody likes a slow website and making people wait will have an impact on the overall business value that your site can derive. The key to optimizing your website begins with Hosting.

In Cloud Hosting, there are an array of servers that are used to distribute the resources needed to run your website. At times certain servers in the Cloud can be slower or may suffer downtimes or hardware failures.

Although this may not lead to website downtime, there is a chance that it affects the speed of the website. At such times your Cloud Hosting service provider should provide with integrated caching such as Varnish Cache within their cloud infrastructure.

Cache Computing

With the help of caching, the information requested by the client is stored in a separate high-speed memory which sits between the server and the client and the server. This takes away the need to contact the server every time for data requests and the overall process becomes faster.

3] Cloud Migration Support:

When you are migrating between two Clouds or if you are migrating your cPanel from Shared or any other hosting to the Cloud, things can go wrong. Cloud server migration comprises of various computing environments that may or may not be fully compatible with your existing system.

Networks, data services, and servers all run and interact in a different way, and you need to ensure that you update parts of your system to be ready for this change. To ensure that the migration takes place smoothly it would be great to have the assistance of technical support from your Cloud Hosting service provider.

4] cPanel Access to Monitor Performance:

The true scalability of Cloud can only be leveraged when you have a keen eye on the hosting performance on a regular basis. If this is not done properly, you may end up paying for Cloud resources that you do not use or push the website to run on insufficient resources.

It would be ideal if the provider gives you access to monitor resource utilization on your Cloud Hosting plan and allocate additional RAM/CPU on demand.

The aforementioned are the 4 important attributes that you must anticipate from your Cloud Hosting Provider. If you have any follow up thoughts or questions, please feel free to pen them down on the comments section below.

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