All You Need to Know About Online Rummy

Rummy is a popular game played worldwide. Rummy is one of the favourite games for the card lovers. It is a fast pace game that is very engrossing. It’s a game that will blow your mind as well as kill your free time.

About Online Rummy

Why play rummy?

Rummy is a fascinating game that can easily help you to pass time. Rummy allows you to exercise your brain by forming strategies in order to beat your opponent. Well who doesn’t love brain exercises. Killing time and exercising your brain at the same time ? Isn’t it fun?

This game sharpens your memory and mind as well as being a good source of entertainment.

Things to keep in mind before playing rummy online

Learn the game before you start playing: before starting the game, learn how to play the game so you are exposed to various tactics used while playing the game. This will make the game more interesting.

  1. You may not win every time: Online rummy is a type of game that requires certain level of skills. You will get players from all across the globe, your opponent maybe more skilled than you. The more you play, the more you become proficient. Afterall, practice makes a man perfect.
  2. Choose a secure platform: Online rummy includes cash transactions; hence, game and invest with a trustworthy and secure site from where you can make transactions safely.
  3. Don’t skip terms and conditions: It is necessary to read all the terms and conditions while starting the game. Some sites offer cash prizes while some offer other rewards. Hence, before starting the game, read T&C and see whether it is necessary to deposit registration fee or not.
  4. Don’t get addicted to it: Play rummy in order to de-stress yourself, not to stress yourself by playing it and making it your habit.
  5. Know the difference between indian rummy online and tournaments: Cash games are the games which are continuous throughout the day; i.e., you can join a cash game anytime and start playing it. These are ideal for small amounts of time. Whereas tournaments are registration based and are longer, involve multiple rounds.
  6. Beware of frauds and scams: As rummy includes cash, there are many frauds and scams in this game. There are many untrustworthy sites that have emerged as rummy has gained popularity over time, world wide. Beware.
  7. Stick to the rules: While playing rummy, stick to rules; ensure even while applying tips and tricks, you are sticking to the rules.

Online tournaments

Online tournaments have revolutionized the rummy game by helping players make profits using their skills and time they spend online. These days, online tournaments come with lots of features.

Features of online tournaments are.

  1. Exciting guarantees and premium rewards: The first and most rewarding aspect of online rummy tournaments is that it involves huge cash prizes that can go up to 6 figures. Top players try hard to win these prizes. Besides real money, some tournaments offer different rewards like smartphones, free tickets to high level tournaments and even holiday packages.
  2. Daily/weekly/monthly: Tournaments can be featured at different points of time. Some tournaments can be held daily, weekly and monthly.
  3. Free rummy tournaments with real prize money: Some trusted sites offer free tournaments to players with real cash prizes in order to motivate players to test their skill and win real cash prizes.
  4. Entry/Buy-in fees: Some tournaments have fixed no. of players and to ensure one’s seat, one should deposit buy-in fee to register one’s participation. Whereas some tournaments’ aggregate entry fee form the total prize pool.


Rummy is a game, played all over the world which can be very entertaining as well as can sharpen the memory and mind. Before starting rummy, keep certain things in mind that are mentioned above.

If you are a good player, you can earn money while playing rummy by participating in online tournaments. So guys, play rummy and have fun!

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